Ryan Weekes

Director / Sales Executive

A little about me

As an energetic and motivated individual, Ryan is committed to ensuring every client becomes a client for life. Understanding and delivering on his clients requirements is Ryans number one priority. His exceptional results to date reflect his determination to ensure a reputation based on providing real estate solutions that exceed the expectations of those he deals with.

With a background in the Finance Industry, Ryan has taken that experience and knowledge and successfully integrated it into his real estate business with huge success. He began his real estate career with Harcourts Bundaberg & Bargara, a salesperson for 3 1/2 years, now the Principal of a successful real estate business named Australian National Properties.

Over the past four years, Ryan has being very active and secured fair market share within the region. Having a unique approach to the business of Real Estate, Ryans open, honest, upfront manner coupled with his desire for success justifies why all clients converse of their experience and continue to do business with him.

I believe my business must portray a point of difference and when dealing with my clients I know they appreciate my unique style. At the same time, they know they can count on me to deliver the results for them, every time.

Through a reflection of strong belief, I have found my career has now bounced to a new level, both personally and professionally. The fundamentals of my business are acquired from the Fish Philosophy – Play, Choose your Attitude, Be there, Make their Day. Sometimes the work we do can be stressful which is why I do my best to ensure my clients have enjoyable real estate experiences filled with positive outcomes.

Flying the Australian National Properties banner with passion, there is little doubt that Ryan Weekes will continue to boast a reputation which exceeds expectations and he will continue to deliver outstanding results for both himself and his clients.